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The fun facts of Birthday boy Donald Duck, who celebrates 81st

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New Delhi : The most famous Duck of the world Donald Duck on Tuesday celebrates his 81st birth anniversary. The fiery little white duck donning a blue sailor shirt, red bow-tie and a cap has won the heart of many children over the course of his career.

This goofy little cartoon character is a Disney favourite and features as one of the main characters in Disney's Mickey Mouse camaraderie. He even has a girlfriend named Daisy Duck.

There is even an asteroid named after Donald Duck. Voice performer Clarence Nash was the first to voice this semi legible cartoon.

Here are some fun facts about the birthday boy Donald Duck : 

  • Donald Duck's parents are Hortense McDuck and Quackmore Duck. Donald's sister is Della Thelma Duck, and his nephews are Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
  • Donald Duck made his first appearance in "The Wise Little Hen," a Silly Symphony cartoon, on June 9, 1934.He had a small role, but his plucky (and less than noble) personality had a chance to shine.
  • Donald Duck's full name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck, was revealed in the 1942 cartoon "Donald Gets Drafted. Gladstone Gander is Donald Duck's cousin. He is also renowned for his incredible good fortune and proudly holds the title of "Luckiest Duck in the World."
  • He made an encore performance in the Mickey Mouse cartoon, "The Orphan's Benefit," on August 11, 1934. He lost his temper for the first time on August 11th, 1934 when he appeared in the Mickey Mouse cartoon Orphan's Benefit. 
  • Donald Duck is one of several characters helping to put on a show for several orphans. Donald tries to recite "Little Boy Blue," but ends up throwing tantrums when the orphans keep heckling him. Donald was an immediate hit with audiences who loved his fiery temper.
  • The original voice of Donald Duck was provided by Clarence "Ducky" Nash. The distinctive semi-intelligible speech that he created helped promote both Nash and Donald to stardom. Nash went on to voice Donald Duck in over 120 shorts and films over the next 50 years before eventually giving way to Disney artist Tony Anselmo.
  • Donald was voiced by Clarence "Ducky" Nash from 1934 to 1983. Tony Anselmo has been voicing Donald Duck since 1985. From 1942 to 1944, Walt Disney released six short films depicting Donald Duck's life in the U.S. Army. This series of films came to be known as the Army shorts. 
  • Cartoons included in the series include "Donald Gets Drafted" (1942), "The Vanishing Private" (1942), "Sky Trooper" (1942), "Fall Out Fall In" (1943), "The Old Army Game" (1943), and "Commando Duck" (1944).

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