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Review of Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor’s ‘ABCD 2’

ABCD 2, Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Remo D'souza, Prabhu Deva
New Delhi : 'ABCD 2' is a film based on the real story of dancer Vishnu, Vini and Suresh from Nalasopara, Mumbai, who won the World Hip-Hop Dance Championship after a great hard work. 

After watching the promo of the movie, it seemed that it would be the first pure dancing film, which will show the passion about to dance. After watching the film, there is nothing to watch except song's choreography.

In the film, actor Varun Dhawan played a role as Suresh and his friends are passionate about dance, who get rid of a show blaming their dance is copied. Varun Dhawan realized that, this is the insult of his mother, who was a dancer and then he persuade popular dancer Vishnu (Parbhu Deva) to teach him. Varun Dhawan learns dancing and reached Los Vegas to take part in World Dance Championship.

This film is a sequence of 'BCD (2013)'. One thing in the film is really very good and that is choreography by director Remo D'Souza. Varun Dhawan was seen as a better dancer than Shraddha Kapoor in this movie.

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