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Khap announced 51 buffalo's reward who beheads Vinod Kapri

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Muzaffarnagar : Journalist-turned-film maker Vinod Kapri's social satire movie 'Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho', which has received fabulous response from the people on social networking sites after released the first poster and the trailer of the film. Now the latest is that, a khap has announced a reward of 51 buffaloes who beheads the director Vinod Kapri.

A khap of Muzaffarnagar in western UP thinks that, the film has portrayed them in a bad light and has announced an award of 51 buffaloes to anyone who brings the film's director Vinod Kapri to them dead or alive.

The decision was taken at a panchayat held at Bhansi village of Muzaffarnagar on Friday. The film deals with love marriage and the Khap reactions and is due for release next week. Chaudhary Gajendra Singh who heads the Ahlawat Khap told reporters that the film ridiculed the Khap culture.

Gajendra said that, the government must stop the film's release. "Otherwise, we will protest against the film in other states, like Haryana, too."

The Ahlawat khap unanimously took the decision after they were shown the trailer of the movie. One of the khap members, said, "The director has made a mockery of the khap in his movie. Khaps don't pass illogical diktats as portrayed in the film."

According to Ahlawat, at the panchayat, some khap members also suggested measures like holding protests at the director's house in Mumbai or bringing him to the village and making him marry a buffalo.

'Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho' stars Om Puri, Annu Kapoor, Hrishita Bhatt, Rahul Bagga, Ravi Kishan and Sanjay Mishra. Rahul Bagga in lead roles. The film was originally scheduled to be released on 19 June, but was postponed as director Vinod Kapri wanted to avoid conflict with the film ABCD 2. Now the film is set to release on 26 June this year.

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