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I have to work harder with Hrithik Roshan : Remo D’Souza

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Mumbai : Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan has charmed the world with his versatile dancing skills. Every time, he lands on the dance floor, he had nailed it by every means, which makes him one of the finest dancing talent in Bollywood industry beside Shahid Kapoor and young talent Tiger Shroff. Of course, this actor is perfect in any way for the dance based movie ABCD 2 Movie.

In some Interviews, Choreographer cum filmmaker Remo D’Souza revealed that he was eager to have Hrithik do a song in ABCD 2 (2015) and hailed his incredible talent and love towards dance.

He said; “All Bollywood actors dance well, so it’s not strenuous for me to choreograph them. But Hrithik is an exception.”

“He is meticulous when it comes to dance and does not let go even the smallest imperfection that only a choreographer may spot. So, I have to work harder with Hrithik.”  He further added.

But later on, Remo turns against to it and said he is not a director who can forcefully pull a song in a film. According to him, ABCD 2 is not a perfect fit for a Hrithik Roshan dance number so he can gave it omits.

First Published on Friday, June 12, 2015 at: 4:27 PM


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