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Dhabriya Polywood Ltd. registers profit of 3.39 crores in FY 2015

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Jaipur : One of the largest manufacturers and retailers of Wood Substitute PVC and uPVC products for institutional, commercial and residential applications, Dhabriya Polywood Ltd, announced its Annual Results for the financial year ended 31st March 2015.

The company has registered a net profit of 3.39 Crores in the Financial Year ending 2014-2015 showing a growth of 19.36% in the NPAT as compared to the last year.

Continuing its track record of sustainable growth there has been an increase of 6.47% in the net sales, inspite of a slack in the realty sector.  The company has registered gross sales of 77.56 crores in the year ending 2015, vis-à-vis 73.16 crores in the year ending 2014. The total net sales in the year 2015 have been 72.15 crores vis-à-vis 67.76 crore in the year ending 2014.

Commenting on the results, Digvijay Dhabriya, MD, Dhabriya Polywood Ltd., said, “The year 2014-15 has been a year of change and has been like a milestone where we achieved sales of 72.15 crore. As a company we have been growing consistently due to the uniqueness of the product and also our business model."

"We have realized that the customer now looks for style with durability. PVC and uPVC is the “in thing”. By FY 2016-17, we are targeting to be Rs 130- crore Company with over 500 employees, 100 distributors and 300 retail partners.” He added.

Dhabriya Polywood Ltd., has a unique green business model and follows a mission of saving trees by using substitutes of wood everywhere and anywhere it can be applied.  As far as green building goes, the company is registered with Indian Green building Council of India and are manufacturers of green products.

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