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Baidu follows the footsteps of Google, will Launch Driver-less Car

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Beijing : Chinese web services company Baidu who offers many services, including a Chinese language-search engine for websites, audio files and images, is following the footsteps of Google as it will launch its model of driverless cars before the end of 2015. Baidu's senior vice president Wang Jin announced.

The news, reported by Chinese language website TechWeb, will put it head to head with rival Google. The firm will work with an unnamed car manufacturer, according to Baidu's senior vice president Jin Wang.

Baidu will work with a third party automobile manufacturer to launch the driver-less car based on computer technology and artificial intelligence, said Senior Vice President of the firm Wang Jin at the China Cloud Computing Services Summit.

In collaboration with Lexus
Baidu has been working on a driverless car project. Wang said that the car will use the company’s Baidu Map, big data and artificial intelligence technologies.

It will operate using a mechanism known as Baidu Brain, which takes into account 20 billion parameters, stores information and thinks in a way similar to a human brain.

For months Baidu has been preparing the terrain to launch its driverless car, given that in September it spent $10 million in the acquisition of Finnish maps and navigation company IndoorAtlas. 

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