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Anara Gupta is focusing on her fitness for a sequel movie

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Mumbai : Actress Anara Gupta lives always in the spotlight because of her strong performances and sexy dance, will soon be seen in 'A Balma Biharwala 2' movie, as she has been reportedly signed for the film by producer Ritesh Thakur.

According to sources, the character of Anara in the film would be quite different and going to attract viewers. The film is sequel of 'A Balma Biharwala', which was most liked by the the audience and the 2nd part was also demanded. In 'A Balma Biharwala 2'  many new faces will be impress the audience now.

Anara Gupta, who is the main lead part of the film is focusing on her fitness for the film and she is gearing up several hours a day in the gym.

Nonetheless, Anara Gupta who has been seen in many types of the dresses and looks in so many film, what will be do special in this film, audience will find out it very soon. The shooting of this film is about to begin very soon.

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