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AAP survey aimed improvements in government schools

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New Delhi : A survey by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) aimed at improving education in Delhi government schools has revealed that the quality of education in government schools needs to be improved. More than 60 percent of the students surveyed said it required them to take additional tuition after school.

Survey results also mentioned that science students were highly likely to study further after school. Students from arts or vocational courses were found to be taking up jobs ahead - mostly to support their families.

“The survey helped us understand that sports and extra-curricular activities are not being given importance in government schools. Students have also pointed out a key aspect of cleanliness, which is lacking in their schools,” said a party official Rashmi Shrivastav, who was involved in conducting the survey.

Over 720 government schools with an average of 170 students per school took part in this survey.

Shrivastav added that the survey enabled them to receive feedback from the students studying at Delhi’s government schools.

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