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A look at the Country’s Foreign Policies

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New Delhi (Akshay Ojha) : The incumbent BJP –led NDA government playing its greater role in foreign policy. The invitation to SAARC leaders   in the PM Narendra  Modi’s  oath ceremony has started the new era of Indian foreign diplomacy. Modi has also changed the Look East policy to Act East, which strengthen the country’s presence among ASEAN nations and would help India to counter China’s influence in Asia.

Recently the Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh has marked one more achievement in government’s side. Also allegedly operation in Myanmar seems government’s strong actions against country’s security hurdles. Such operations are like alarm bell for countries which try to push terrorism in India.

India’s relationship with pivotal Southeast Asian countries is also gaining steam. New Delhi’s ties with Singapore, its strongest in the region. Both sides agreed to step up their defense partnership. Relations with Vietnam are also on peak, with Hanoi renewing India’s lease of two oil blocks in the South China Sea for another one year marked India’s foot print China’s alleged South China Sea.

Linking West to his foreign policy, an Indo-US Investment Initiative led by the Ministry of Finance and the Department of treasury, with special focus on capital market development and financing of infrastructure agreed during US visit. A US-India civil nuclear co-operation agreement has also reaffirmed by two leaders.

Also, during three nations visit L&T and Areva of France aimed to improve the financial viability of the Jaitapur nuclear plant project in Maharashtra. Moreover, direct purchase of 36 Rafale deal made point of debate in India, as it was condemned by BJP leader Subramanian Swami while it was praised by Defense Minister Mahohar Parikar.

During Hannover Industrial fair, a free trade agreement happened between the European Union and India. PM Modi promised to set up a mechanism to help German companies to make invest and do business in India- something that he has done only for Japan and the US. Canada agreed to supply Uranium to India and whereas CAD$ 2.5 Million investment in India in health sector.

The “Make in India” campaign accepted a positive nod from several world leaders. Japan has made manufacturing investments in India, Australia has agreed over Uranium supply which would fulfill India’s aim to produce 6300MW electricity till 2032.Despite the diplomatic success in its early days the government has had a rocky relationships with disturbances at both the borders.

Though during XI Xinping visit he agreed to $20 million investment whereas it was expected to $100 million. Also, the trade deficit of approx $40 billion with China is still in concern.The tension over Indo-Pak border has increased. Waving of Pakistans’s flag three times is a serious issue, where government seems failing to stop it.

India has showed its great enthusiasm in rescue operations. Operation Rahat in Yemen has marked security forces and governments efforts as remarkable achievements. Minister of State VK Singh’s experience in Army helped a lot in rescuing around 4600 India citizens. The quick reaction in Nepal’s earthquake operation made India’s image of saviors among world leaders.

Overall India has become closer to Sri-Lanka. Now there is  need to resolve its tiff with Pakistan. According to World Bank President India’s has emerged as a fastest economy in last one year, whereas to continue with GDP growth there is need to improve ranking on Ease of Doing Business where India stands on 142nd.

First Published on Monday, June 15, 2015 at: 8:57 PM 

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