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SpiceJet extends complimentary meal on premium tickets

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Mumbai : Indian low-cost airline company SpiceJet, which operates more than 270 daily flights to 41 destinations, including 34 Indian and 7 international cities, extended complimentary meals-beverages, and priority baggage handling for select seats under SpiceMax to an indefinite period. 

"The offer of complimentary meals and beverages and priority baggage handling facility for all SpiceMax seats will be a permanent feature, going forward," the Delhi-based airline said in a statement.

It's the equivalent of a business class/premium economy seat in other airlines. The airline, which had earlier announced a limited period offer with these additions, today said the extension is result of positive customer response.

The first five rows of SpiceJet's Boeing aircraft and the front row on a Bombardier Q400 aircraft are specially configured to offer SpiceMax seats. The second exit row on Boeings will also, henceforth, be designated as SpiceMax seats, the Ajay Singh-promoted airline said.

SpiceMax seats are available for an add-on fee of Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 per sector, depending on aircraft and flight length, and can be purchased by selecting a SpiceMax seat on the seat map at the time of booking.

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