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Nepal piqued by Indian Media, says #GoHomeIndianMedia on Twitter

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New Delhi : Where the India gets compliments for his 'Opration Maitri' after the quake in Nepal, while Indian media is on the target of quake-affected people in Nepal with their ways of the earthquake coverage and reporting.

On the day when the world celebrates free press and pays tribute to journalists who lost their lives in the line of duty. people on social media platform Twitter are shaming the Indian media with trending hashtag #GoHomeIndianMedia, with more than 60,000 tweets on the topic.

The twitter war against Indian media covering the Nepal earthquake is now on a new high and it seems people, the local people are speaking against it. Even the Nepalese living in India have also criticized the media for hyping the stories and not having a humane approach towards the people of Nepal while asking questions.

Here are a few tweets :

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