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'Gabbar is Back' is dragging audiences to the theaters

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New Delhi : The most awaited movie of 'Khiladi' Akshay Kumar finally hit the theaters this friday, so, here we are with our Gabbar is Back review! The film depicts Akshay Kumar as a righteous Professor Aditya who has a mission of fighting against corruption. The vigilant even holds a team boasting honest young folks with a mission to annihilate those who have been corrupting the system.

The concept of the justice seems somewhat like Aparichit, however here the vigilant hangs the culprits with the proof of its offense. As far as the direction is concerned, the film is the remake of AR Murugadoss’ Tamil film and is helmed praiseworthy however there are few or more clich├ęs which somewhat pulls it back.

Meanwhile in the revengeful track, Akshay Kumar aka Aditya also have a love interest, whose name is Devaki (Shruti Haasan). The film has been created underlining the difficulties of corruption in the country however it endeavors to resolve that with an over distinctive approach than what film’s like RDB did.

The key characters of Gabbar is back movie includes Akshay Kumar who is a protagonist, Sunil Grover as Sadhu (who is a constable), Jaideep Ahlawat as Kuldeep Pahwa (a CBI officer) and Shruti Haasan who is a lawyer’s assistant. Most of the characters of the film could be seen justifying their roles.

Seeing Akshay Kumar in the movie it seems that the comedy era of his career has been dissolved and Akkii is back to square one, the start of his career where he used to play action packed characters. With a series of films like Special 26, Holiday and Baby, corruption seems a hot potato in Askhay’s films. As Gabbar, Akki has done an overriding role that was expected from the promos itself.

Along with commendable cinematography, the dialogues and one-liners are also impressive. Shruti Haasan has done an average job though she looks beautiful, however Sunil Grover, who has already engraved an identity in audiences mind as his much popular character Gutthi, manages to impress. Kareena Kapoor’s cameo is too refreshing. To some, the gloomy drama and action could also turn out into comedy, as some sequences appear more or less illogical.

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