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Facebook now allows you to upload GIF file in the acoount

Social Networking site Facebook has roll out another new feature, which allows you to upload the GIF format file on your facebook account and it will now support in the Facebook News Feed.

Though Facebook had built in support for GIFs for quite some time, the company has long felt that GIFs could lead to the site being cluttered with low-quality memes, as we previously reported. That decision, however, has been reversed today.

Not everyone will see the added functionality immediately, we understand, as the update is still rolling out. The move represents a significant change in direction for Facebook, which has historically made a conscious decision to avoid supporting GIFs, claiming that doing so would make its News Feed “too chaotic.”

Back in 2013, it was revealed that users could share GIFs by using Giphy - a search engine for GIFs - but this process required more effort and kept users limited to GIFs found on the Giphy search engine. What's more, it was not officially backed by Facebook.

How to post GIFs on Facebook

To share a GIF image on your Facebook account, simply add the link from any source of the GIF in the status update bar and post it. Similar to when you share a link and watch the head image populate, users can share the link to a GIF and watch it load.

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