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BJP MLA Caught on camera as attacks police constable in Hyderabad

MLA T Raja Singh, T Raja Singh, Hyderabad MLA T Raja Singh, T Raja Singh Hyderabad, DCP A Venkateshwar Rao
Hyderabad : A BJP MLA from Hyderabad Caught on the camera when he was attacking on a police constable at a function in Hyderabad. MLA T Raja Singh abused their position and power when he attacked a police constable and threatened him with dire consequences at a marriage function on Friday night.

Hyderabad West Zone DCP A Venkateshwar Rao said that, the incident took place after when the policeman tried to stop a DJ who was playing loud music without permission late in the night. The MLA in his anger pushed and beat the constable and used foul language.

An FIR has been registered against the MLA and the matter is being investigated and action will be taken according to the evidence. He added.

While on the other hand, MLA T Raja Singh defending himself and alleged the constable was drunk saying, "The police did not allow the marriage party to run the DJ. It was the constable who was drunk."

According to the source, "The
constable was fully drunked and he started beating up the people in the marriage ceremony. I was just trying to stop the high decibel music being played. I never hit the constable. Whatever is written in the FIR is wrong."

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