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14 injured by a low intensity blast in local train in West Bengal

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Kolkata : At least 14 passengers were injured this morning when an explosion took place inside a packed compartment of Sealdah- Krishnanagar local train in Kolkata. A bomb allegedly carried by a passenger exploded in the train, an Eastern Railway official said.

CPRO of Eastern Railway, R N Mahapatra said, the train left Sealdah station at 03:20 AM and reached Titagarh station at 3:55 am. The blast took place just after a person boarded the train at Titagarh station. He said of the 14 injured, seven were discharged after being given first aid while seven others were admitted to a nearby hospital.

Witness accounts suggest the bomb exploded in the fifth compartment of the train after an argument between two suspected criminals. One of them was carrying the bomb and is among the injured. Police have identified him as Raja or Raju Das. He has criminal records in the Titagarh police station.

Train services along the Sealdah Main Section was normal. The railway police were investigating the incident which appeared to be a crude bomb blast.

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