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'Mr X' Emraan Hashmi launches special edition of Chaha Chaudhary comic

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New Delhi : Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi who is well known as the serial Kisser of Bollywood, launched a special edition of iconic comic book 'Chaha Chaudhary' in collaboration with the the actor's upcoming film 'Mr X' at the Grehlakshmi Magazine's seventh annual kitty party.

The 10 page extension of popular comic book Chacha Chaudhary titled as 'Chacha Chaudhary & Mr X' will feature Hashmi as Mr X, the invisible superhero with the man whose brain runs faster than a computer and his giant companion Sabu resolving cases and combating criminals. 

"It's so good to get feature with such popular character. I've grown up reading Chacha Chaudhary comic books and have never thought that I'll be a part of it one day. In this special edition of 'Chacha Chaudhary and Mr X', I'll be helping him to solve his cases," Hashmi said.

Mahesh Bhatt, who is producing the upcoming 3D sci-fi thriller, said 'Mr X' is a family entertainer. "Mr X is a family entertainer and you'll see Emraan in an all different avatar donning a bald look with invisibility powers. 

The movie has special 3D effects and thrilling sequences and kids are going to love the film," he said.

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