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'India will send the insulins worth Rs. one crore to Nepal'

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New Delhi : Union Minister Jitendra Singh who is also a doctor, on Tuesday said that, Insulin worth Rs one crore will be sent to Nepal for treatment of peoples who suffering from diabetes in earthquake-hit Nepal, which has been shaked the Nepal on last Saturday.

The minister said that, "A consignment of insulin worth Rs one crore consisting of 75,000 vials for persons suffering from diabetes in the earthquake hit Nepal is being sent." He said a small country like Nepal has a diabetic population of over seven lakh people and the consignment that is being sent consists long-acting, short-acting and mixed forms of insulins.

He recalled that diabetologist fraternity of India and Nepal has always worked in close coordination both in academics as well as in providing diabetic care. Singh said the first consignment of 75,000 vials will weigh about four tons and may have to be sent in parts.

More of insulin and other life saving drugs would also be arranged from voluntary sources and dispatched to Nepal If required, he said.

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