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WhatsApp removes the backup option of Google Drive

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Earlier, there were some rumours about Android mobile messaging app WhatsApp to enable message backups to Google Drive. Well, it looks like it was finally here. However, WhatsApp’s latest versions are seen with the feature/option missing.

The chat settings, in the new version of WhatsApp (version 2.12.45), featured an option to backup your WhatsApp data to Google Drive. You could set the Google account existing on the phone or add a new one to backup your messages. 

Now, the latest version of WhatsApp (Version 2.12.58) does not seem to have the option opened to the user. The feature seems missing, and we don’t know the exact reason. If you want the older version (2.12.45) which had the option to backup the chats to Google Drive, you could download it by clicking here

Download the file and sideload the app. WhatsApp will be updated to the required version. Once updated, you can head to the app’s settings and enable the necessary backup settings to your preference.

However, we are not sure if the option will be useful enough. If you are to switch between smartphones or delete WhatsApp and reinstall it again, you may not be able to restore older chats from Google Drive. 

As of now, the information is not clear about the move, but we are sure we shall see some more information coming our way.

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