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Vidhu Vinod Chopra moved to Hollywood with the debut 'Broken Horses'

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Mumbai : The Well known filmmaker of bollywood Vidhu Vinod Chopra now moved to Hollywood with his directorial film 'Broken Horses' which becomes his debut to Hollywood and earning him the honour of being the first Indian to write, direct and produce a Hollywood film. Broken Horses is essentially a retelling of Chopra’s 1989 masterpiece, Parinda.

Much like his 1989-hit Hindi action drama ‘Parinda’, he sets the brothers in a world torn by gang wars, this time along the Mexican-American border. et “somewhere near the Mexican border,” it tells the tale of two brothers, Buddy (Chris Marquette) and Jakey (Anton Yelchin).

The film is well shot; the cinematography and picturesque nature of the setting lend a lot of appeal. It’s well acted too, with Chris Marquette as the mentally challenged Buddy, giving a wholly believable performance, and Anton Yelchin looking suitably traumatised by the whole thing. 

The tale Broken Horses weaves is, by no stretch of the imagination, original. The addition of Buddy’s disability makes it a little more compelling than other stories of its kind, and there are a few wonderfully written segments. 

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