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"Robert Vadra played Good Samaritan to help averts possible mishap at Lodhi gardens"

Robert Vadra, Sonia Gandhi, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi son-in-law
New Delhi : Often one gets to hear is how VVIPs and their security entourage create problem for common man. However in quite the opposite, businessman and Congress president Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra played the Good Samaritan to help avert a possible mishap at Lodhi Gardens here, his personal secretary Manoj Agarwal told to a news agency.

Agarwal said Vadra, famous for his fitness regime that includes a run in Delhi's historical Lodhi Gardens, came to the help of joggers and walkers who use the venue early morning. During the morning walk, some joggers chanced upon couple of unclaimed bags in the garden.

His security, which waits outside the park so as to not create hindrance for others using the facility, was approached by some of the people for assistance as they spotted two unclaimed bags lying in the bushes near the jogging track. The security, whose job is to clear Mr Vadra away from a place they sense danger, immediately informed him of suspicious bags and asked him to leave the park as soon as possible with them.

However, Mr Vadra not only refused to leave the Lodhi Gardens but instructed his security to cordon off the area where the bags were, in a subtle way so as to not create any panic, and asked his security officers to immediately call the cops.On receiving the call from Mr Vadra's security, ASI Sunder Singh rushed to the spot and took charge of the situation.

Fortunately, the bags only contained mobile phones. And while the police are investigating who owns the bags and the phones, the walkers and joggers were relieved a lot that a VVIP is there to assist them.

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