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Twitter has unveiled new homepage for who don't have it's account

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Micro-blogging site Twitter has unveiled its new homepage, renovated in an effort to bolster the number of members of flags and demonstrate its ability to transform passive users of the assets. new Twitter homepage is going to be launched at just for the sake of newcomers who are not members of the social network.

The first step to this mission was it seems taken on Wednesday, with the launch of a new homepage for users and non-users alike, of the social networking site. Over 500 million of the not signed-in population, comes across Twitter via other sources and some 125 million from this number directly go on

According to Twitter, even if a small percentage - of the 200 million monthly visits on the page - becomes regular users, then the company would benefit a lot. Twitter said it in a twitt, "Starting today, U.S. web visitors now have access to great Twitter content on our homepage: …"
The Twitter homepage started to show a collection of timelines that meant to exhibit a widespread portion of the site. Among the choices are cute animals, celebrities, space, and business news. By clicking on one of these options, a real-time feed of tweets opens, where users can browse through their favorite artists’ (and related) tweets.

Now a user, without having an account on Twitter, can see conversations and real-time news in simple clicks. Its benefits to Twitter are that it shows ads and if users keep on coming back, it can make them sign-up for an account to become regular users. 

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