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There are no 2nd chance in Bollywood for outsiders : Taapsee Pannu

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New Delhi : Actress Taapsee Pannu who has seen in Hindi film 'Chashme Baddoor' as playing a role of Seema and also appeared opposite Akshay Kumar in Neeraj Pandey's film Baby (2015), as an undercover agent, is keen to choose her projects carefully as she believes there are no second chances for outsiders in Bollywood. 

Taapsee has her priorities right as she believes only hard-work and right choices will keep her moving ahead in the industry, where competition is cut-throat.

"It is a very difficult place. The competition is so on your face that it takes strength to shut your eyes to it and just do your work. Sometimes you get put down by some random comment or by people who look down at you. It is hard to live in it and difficult to live out of it," Taapsee said.

The actor, who started her showbiz journey with southern films, made her Bollywood debut with Chashme Baddoor and followed it up with her tough intelligence officer act in the Akshay Kumar movie. She will next be seen in Running

Talking about Baby, the 27-year-old actor said she was confident that her 25-minute role in the Neeraj Pandey film will be appreciated.

"It is a very rare thing that you get to do an action sequence in an Akshay Kumar movie all by yourself. I really wanted to get this role because female actors don’t have as many opportunities to do something different as men. We still have miles to go before we reach a level where girls have as many good out-of-the-box roles," she said.

Taapsee admits that it is hard to say no in the beginning of one’s career but then she does not want to get pigeonholed into a particular image.

"It is hard to say no, especially to the people, who are much more experienced than you. You are just starting off and if you come across as choosy, it does not go down well with many. But it is my career and I will own up my decisions good or bad.

"Also, you are constantly pitted against actresses, who know who’s who of the industry, have some sort of godfather or backing. I can’t even take the risk where my movie does not work because I won’t be given a second chance," she said.

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