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Teenager girl has brutally attacked by three youth in Mathura

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Mathura : A 15-year-old ninth grade student was seriously injured when she repeatedly stabbed with scissors by a man who had stalked her in Dhaurahara village here, after she allegedly refused to marry him. 

The accused have been arrested and filed a case of assault and attempt to murder against them. The girl, who is a student of ninth standard in the Vrindavan area, is undergoing treatment at a local hospital. police said on Thursday.

Thursday morning, the man and two of his friends entered the girl's house, where she was alone, and inflicted 50 wounds on her hands and back.  

Brothers Dilip and Kishan Singh and their brother-in-law Dinesh attacked the girl with scissors when she was sleeping on the terrace of her house on Wednesday, Dy SP Sadar Anil Yadav said.

According to a complaint filed by the family members of the class 9 student, Dilip was following her since past few days in order to establish illicit relation with her. The girl complained to her father about the incident after which the parents beat up Dilip.

In order to take revenge, Dilip with the help of his brother and brother-in-law attacked the girl, police said.

Noteble, this is the second case this week, of a minor being brutally attacked in Mathura district. On Tuesday, a 14-year-old set herself on fire after being gang-raped in Mathura.

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