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Shiv Sena demands to dismiss the Jammu-Kashmir Government

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Ghaziabad : Shiv Sena on Monday demands from Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), who is a partner in the PDP-led government in Jammu and Kashmir, to dismiss the Government of the state. Scores of Shiv Sena workers held protest here against the J&K government.

The Shiv Sena appealed to the BJP to withdraw support to the PDP in the state in the wake of recent rally by the separatists in which pro-Pakistan slogans were raised.

The UP deputy chief of the outfit, Mahesh Ahuja, said,"Prime Minister Narendra Modi must suspend the Jammu Kashmir government headed by Mufti Mohammad sayeed with immediate effect."

District president of Shiv Sena, Rakesh Tyagi, said that in view the threats of Pakistan, the Prime Minister must act and take back Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir.

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