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Rakhi Sawant got angry when she compared with Sunny Leone

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Mumbai : Rakhi Sawant who has appeared in many films as an Item Girl and who is presently shooting for her upcoming album, lost her temper when she was compared with Sunny Leone. She got angry when the reporters compared her with Sunny Leone. 'How dare they?'

She said that it was unjustified to compare her with Sunny Leone as she has acted in porn films. Sunny is getting money to wear clothes, she added, and she should be thankful for that.

Rakhi said that if at all she has to be compared, then she should be compared to Madonna. Her frustration is clear as what she has not achieved in Bollywood all these years, has been achieved by Sunny Leone in just two years.

At the shooting of a video album, Rakhi hit back at a mediaperson who asked her if her comeback song will give tough competition to Sunny who has been making waves in B-Town.

To that Rakhi said: "Please don't compare me with Sunny Leone because I have achieved (my popularity) by dancing, performing, doing reality shows and also by winning hearts of the audiences. I never did any adult film or anything else to achieve this. I hope you all understand."

"I am glamorous and very much upfront. I think you can compare me with Jennifer Lopez, Madonna," said the item girl-actress who has grooved to songs like "Pardesia" and "Dekhta hai tu kya".

Rakhi statements on Sunny Leone were supported by two men who accompanied her at the event. They stated that Rakhi is popular across the country, even in rural parts, which is not the case with Sunny. 

Besides, they also added that Sunny became popular in last two years and Rakhi has sustained for last 14 years. Rakhi has proved herself in music videos, albums, shows and movies all the time, they said.

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