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Rajasthan also affected by earthquake

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Jaipur : The powerful earthquake shakes which effect many parts of the country including Delhi-NCR and Nepal, jolted desert state of Rajasthan on Saturday morning and tremors were felt from Jaipur to border district Barmer. However, there were no reports of any loss of life or property in the state.

"I suddenly found my chair shaking. I live on 4th floor in an apartment on Sirsi road in Jaipur. I just rushed out of my building, shouting and requesting people not to use the lift," said Ravindra Kumar.

Another resident Manmohan Singh of Raja Park area of the city said: "I was watching TV when suddenly everything started to shake. Initially I was confused then I realised that it was an earthquake and I came out of my building."

The earthquake was felt most by those living in high rise buildings as a majority of them were seen standing outside, worried and concerned.

"I felt shakes my chair when i work in office, i thought somebody is touching it but nobody was there and i felt it till about one minute." said Rajesh Saini, a resident of Govindpuri-Sodala area in Jaipur.

Another resident of the aria Rakhi Singh said that, "i was cocking and i felt some vibration around my foot and my son who was seating on chair he said me that his chair is shaking."

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