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Nepal says, India's response was like extending blank cheque

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New Delhi : Nepal who survived from the major earthquake recently, on Tuesday thanked to India for extending a 'blank cheque' and taking initiative in launching relief operations in the aftermath of Saturday's killer earthquake, which was followed suit by other countries.

Ambassador-designate of Nepal Deep Kumar Upadhyay also expressed concerns on "congestion on Kathmandu airport" that was hampering taking aid to the victims. "India took the initiative in relief operations, which other countries followed. We are thankful to the government of India that it was kind enough to extend a 'blank cheque' after the shattering earthquake. It has done tremendous work to provide help," he told reporters here.

"The Indian government has also accepted our request for special trains to border areas so that our people who want to return to their homes can go there. The service will be increased as per demand," he added. Upadhyay said "I know we are two (countries), but we are receiving support like we are one. There is no problem of coordination between us. The aid will have a positive impact on us. It's a matter of human emotions."

Expressing concern about the obstacles in the relief work going on in the Himalayan nation round the clock, he said one major issue was congestion at Kathmandu airport due to which flying down support materials and resuming passenger flights were getting affected.

"The Kathmandu airport has a parking capacity of just seven to eight planes. At present 30 helicopters are already stationed there, including 20 from India and a few from the US. So there is congestion and we are unable to welcome rescue teams and relief material," Upadhyay said.

And in this regard, the most important requirement was that the aircraft come, off load relief material and return immediately, he said. "This will help resume normal commercial passenger flights. It will help reduce panic and boost the morale of the people as they will understand that the situation was returning to normal," he added.

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