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Mumbai girl slaps Video seems a stunt for news publicity

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A video which goes viral on social site, that shows a girl Slapping and Kicking a man for who is over 40 year old and is being described the accused for taking a photo of that girl without her permission. At first sight of watch this video it seems a stunt for a news as anyone saying to girl for beating the man and telling her that we are taking the photos.

The shocking part of this video is that all this happened in the presence of a policeman, who remained a mute spectator. The guy recording the video was later seen asking another guy to record everything, as he himself took the opportunity to hold the culprit by his hands from behind.

In the Video a man ask to another person for handle the phone camera, saying that, "Hold the camera, recording is on." and then he cought the accused man from his shoulder. After this some guy behind the camera saying to girl for beating the accused man "Maro Maro, photo le rahe hain hum log." e.g. (Beat, you beat him, we are taking the photos). And then the girl started beating the accused man.

According the description of Video which is uploaded on video site Youtube, "A girl slapped and kicked a man allegedly caught taking pictures on his mobile phone at Elphinstone Road railway station in Mumbai," and the Title of the video is saying that, "Police allowed the girl to slap, kick the pervert caught for allegedly taking pics."

Notably, sometime ago two girl of Rohtak that is known as 'rohtak sisters' beaten to a boy in bus and the case was in the controversy for many of reasons.

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