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Kingfisher Model Kyra Dutt signed Ekta Kapoor’s XXX !

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Mumbai : Ekta Kapoor’s XXX will be Bollywood’s ever erotic film. After a series of erotic movies like Ragini MMS and Ragini MMS 2, The Maker Ekta is back yet again with XXX. It is likely to feature newcomers in the lead. 

Well, The Kingfisher model Kyra Dutt is all set to make her way in the Bollywood with the Ken Ghost directed film XXX. The Hot model is the first to sign the Ekta’s nudity clause in the contract for the actors of XXX. 

According to the reports, Ekta Kapoor have added this nudity clause in contract so later the actors wont back out while shooting. It seems that Kyra is all set to give explicit scenes and will be seen bold as the movie demands as per the maker of the film. 

The 24 year old is also very comfortable to shoot full frontal nude scene as she is sure that Ekta and Ken will make it look aesthetic and restrained.

XXX is a film of five stories with the common theme of sexuality. Kyra plays the narrator who will bring the four other stories together.

The film is Ekta Kapoor’s most bold and daring film ever. However, we are pretty sure the censor board will intervene and make sure the oomph factor is reduced considerably. According to the source and the film XXX Directed by Ken Ghosh is slated to release on 3 July this year.

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