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Katrina Kaif told, when is the right time to get married

Katrina Kaif, Titan Ad, Katrina Kaif in Titan Ad, right time to get married
New Delhi : Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif who has seen in many of the Bollywood film with many top stars in the industry, seen in an ad recently, where she told that, when is the right time to get married.

Katrina Kaif is defying taboos of marriage only owing to peer pressure or society’s norms, and states that the reason should not be ‘because your ex is getting married or you will be left alone’. Kaif confidently inspires with her take on the situation of reasons why girls are married in Eastern societies.

Katrina Kaif says it in an ad of Titan watches, in which she tells that, "Don't get married because your all friend are married, Don't get married because otherwise you upset with the questions of aunty, Don't get married because you feels lonely on the valentine's day..." she tells many more others reasons to get married.

In the end of the ad Katrina says the main reason to get married and told the right time to get married. she says, "When you find the one who deserves your time."

Titan Company Ltd. is an Indian designer and manufacturer of watches, jewellery, precision engineering components and other accessories including sunglasses, wallets, bags, belts, fragrances and helmets.

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