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Husband's sexual orientation led to sour relationship

Dr. Priya Vedi, kamal Vedi, Dr priya vedi, dr kamal vediNew Delhi : A 31-year-old woman doctor of All India Institute of Medical Sciences allegedly committed suicide due to "immense" mental torture caused by the sexual orientation of her husband, a dermatologist in the same hospital. The couple got married five years ago and were staying in AIIMS quarters in south Delhi. Soon after the marriage, the woman doctor came to know that her husband was a "gay".

However, in the suicide note she claimed that she had "accepted it" and was ready to live with it but subsequent torture by her husband led her to take the extreme step.

"Priya Vedi, an anaesthetist at AIIMS, was found dead with her wrist slit at a hotel in Paharganj area where she had checked in after a fight with her husband yesterday," said a senior police official. A detailed suicide note found on the spot and a similar Facebook post made on Saturday afternoon revealed that her husband's sexual orientation led to sour relationship between the doctor couple, he said.

"On the basis of these allegations, police have arrested her husband doctor Kamal Vedi (34) who is a dermatologist in AIIMS from his staff quarter. "A case under Sections 498A(cruelty) and 304B (dealing with the offences of dowry death) of the Indian Penal Code has been registered," said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Parmaditya.

Police had received a complaint from the doctor last evening that her wife is missing since early Saturday morning. It was also being alleged that she was hiding somewhere near Nabi Karim area in central Delhi.

"Following the complaint, several hotels in Paharganj area were checked. Meanwhile, a call from Hotel Presidency in Paharganj told that one woman by the name of Priya had checked in," he said.

A police team soon rushed to the hotel and checked room number 302 and found it locked from inside. When nobody responded after repeated knocking on the door, policemen broke open the door and found her dead lying in a pool of blood on the bed with her wrist slit.

"She had checked into the hotel around 12:30 pm on Saturday. It seems she slit her wrist somewhere late in the night. We have recovered a suicide note from the spot and we have also received a complaint from the victim's parents. This was enough for us to arrest Kamal," said Deputy Commissioner of Police.

The suicide note mentioned that since she got to know about her husband's sexuality, he used to torture her and even harass her for dowry. Her status on Facebook, posted at 2:45 pm Saturday read, "Dr Kamal Vedi, I never wanted anything from you but due to your abnormal sexuality you thought that I need sex from you."

"But it's wrong. I just wanted to be with you, accepting you and your sexual orientation because I loved you very much but you never knew importance of this. You are a criminal Dr Kamal Vedi of my life. Kamal's family is innocent but you are a devil." 

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