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Hema Malini to be promots mother to grandmother

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Mumbai : Bollywood's Veteran actress and politician Hema Malini who is well known as 'Dream Girl' in the film industry, is so excited about her soon-to-come new role as a grandmother in her real life. 

She has thanked her daughter Ahana for giving her an opportunity to move a step ahead in life. The youngest daughter of Hema Malini and Dharmendra's, Ahana who got married to a Delhi-based businessman Vaibhav Vohra last year, is expecting her first child.

Hema Malini said about it, "I am going to be a grandmother now. It's a promotion from mother to grandmother, and it’s a beautiful experience that my daughter is giving me. That’s the procedure of life and I’m enjoying this whole process,"

The Dream Girl actress advises her daughter to instill good values in her child. "My advice is to bring up her child in a nice way. As a parent, you have to be strict, but not too much because today's kids are very intelligent and they know what they want. As a parent, we should also learn from them." Said Hema Malini.

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