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'AAP govt delayed post-mortem of farmer Gajendra Singh'

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New Delhi : The Delhi Police on Wednesday blamed the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the crowd present at it's rally at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, for the death of farmer Gajendra Singh, In its report to the Union Home Ministry.

According to the report of Delhi Police, AAP leaders were making provocative speeches and the crowd present at the rally venue instigated and provoked Gajendra to commit suicide. The report also alleged that AAP did not heed to the police’s request to change the rally’s venue to Ram Lila Maidan.

The Delhi Police also alleged that the SDM of the New Delhi district, who was mandated by the Kejriwal government to conduct a probe, had asked the police not to conduct a post-mortem on the body of Gajendra. In its report, Delhi Police alleged that the SDM of Chanakyapuri wanted to delay autopsy of the farmer's body but as he could not produce any official order for delaying the procedure, police went ahead with it.

The charges, however, were strongly refuted by District Magistrate (New Delhi) Sanjay Kumar who is carrying out a magisterial inquiry into the case. Kumar said that, "Why would we want to delay the post-mortem? In fact when we reached the hospital, police refused to recognise our authority. They didn't even reveal the name of the farmer to us. I don't know why they are saying this."

The Delhi Police is also trying to piece together the last 24 hours of farmer Gajendra Singh's life by analysing his mobile phone data and questioning people to find out where he had visited and whom he had spoken to before his alleged suicide at Jantar Mantar.

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