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Fire in Slums close to Bandra railway station

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Mumbai : A major fire broke out in the slums which is called Shastri Nagar slums area, close to the Bandra railway station on late Saturday evening. It effected the local train services till going to the press. No casualties, except some persons sustaining minor burns, were reported till late evening.

According to the fire brigade the fire broke out from a small shanty at around 8.30 pm and within minutes it spread to other houses. There was huge chaos as the fire was the resemblance of the Gareeb Nagar slum fire in which several houses were gutted in 2011 and around 2000 people became homeless including movie Slum Dog millionaire Rubina Ali.

"Because of the fire, we are running the trains on the loop line on the south side of the station. This meant that trains were not touching platform number 1 but only platform number 2," said Sharat Chandrayan, chief spokesperson, Western Railway.

Eight fire engines and 4 water tankers were rushed to extinguished the fire. Fire brigade officials said at the slums were congested it took them around an hour to control the fire.

There was no approach road to reach the fire affected congested slums and fire officer initially struggle to reach to the slums to control the fire but in vain.

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