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Facebook roll out Subscribe Button to Notify you about Nearby Events

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Social networking site Facebook which is a important thing today in the life of everybody, has roll out a new 'Subscribe' button in its events section. By this feature, the users will be notified about the nearby events hosted by their favorite pages.

The feature has been rolled out to Facebook's Web interface as well as mobile apps. Upon subscribing, users will get notified when the Pages they like host events near them, notes the Facebook Events page.

Just like the 'Like' button, the new events 'Subscribe' button will appear beneath all Page names on the Events section. With this, users will be notified about events from the subscribed brand, musician page happening near them.

The notifications will be similar to the ones users receive in case of invitation from a friend. Facebook will also provide suggestions to users to subscribe to events from artists and Pages that they have liked.

With this new feature, music bands are expected to benefit more as they can sell more tickets for their live concerts. Not only Bands but also local businesses, sports teams along with other people who run promotional events will also be benefited with this new Facebook feature.

Users will be able to see the ‘ Facebook Subscribe Button‘  below the Facebook page just like the way they see the ‘Like’ button.

Once you subscribe to any event, Facebook will notify you about the events from the subscribed band/musician/page happening near you. They will be just like any other notification which you get from a friend like some  invitation.

Also, users will be suggested by the Facebook to subscribe to events of those artists and Pages, they liked, if any.

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