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Congress to observe May 5 as 'Black Day' against BJP-PDP alliance

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Srinagar : The Pradesh Congress Committee of Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday resolved that it will observe the 'Black Day' against the 'unholy coalition' between PDP and BJP on May 5, when the state government offices shift to Srinagar from Jammu.

The spokesman of Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee said that, "Congress workers of the Jammu and Kashmir will take out procession and march towards the Secretariat where they will protest against the unholy coalition between these two parties."

The day-long convention of the JKPCC here expressed deep concern over the "politics of opportunism by PDP in forging an unholy alliance with BJP for the sake of power. As a result, there is a largescale resentment and unrest amongst the people of the state especially Kashmir region," the spokesman said.

He said the two ideologically opposite forces with no common agenda except sharing power, joined hands, ignoring the aspirations and wishes of their electorate.

"The PDP gained the sympathy and support of the people on the slogan to keep the RSS-driven BJP away from the corridors of power while the BJP did the opposite in Jammu region to secure the one sided votes by rousing the religious and regional emotions of the people on the promise of giving a Chief Minister of Jammu besides abrogation of Article 370 and Citizenship rights to the West Pakistan refugees," he said.

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