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BSF Lodges Protest With Pak Rangers Over Suspected UAV Snooping

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Jaisalmer : The Border Security Forces (BSF) on Sunday lodged a strong protest with Pakistani rangers after an unmanned airvehicle (UAV) was spotted along Indo-Pak border in Western region of Rajasthan. According to the reports, the UAV was spotted just 200-300 meters along the International border between India and Pakistan in Jaisalmer area .

The BSF submitted a “protest note” to Pakistan rangers for alleged surveillance on the activities of Indian border forces and security measures by unmanned air vehicle (UAV) during night in recent days, a senior BSF official said.

After holding a flag meeting of BSF jawans and officialsof Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Sriganganagar districts, the protest note was handed over to the Pakistan rangers at Silvi post, near here, the official of BSF Commandant Office said.

BSF jawans had noticed a spark of red light during night across from the border and it was most probably a Pakistani UAV snooping on border activities in the western part of India, the official said while quoting the protest note. When contacted, the BSF DIG in Jodhpur, Ravi Gandhi said such UAV activity was observed during night on the Indo-Pak border’s western area.

It was seen roaming in the sky by BSF jawans, and the protest note to this effect was submitted to Pak rangers at Silvi post today, he said.

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