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Betaal aur Singhasan Battisi started on Sony SAB TV

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Mumbai : Creative eye creations “Betaal aur Sinhasan Battisi” produced by Dheeraj Kumar and Zuby Kochhar, started on Sab TV.

Earlier it was telecasted on Sony Pal as “Sinhasan Battisi”. It was the number one show of the channel with 19 minutes time spent. Due to its tremendous popularity the show has been redesigned, repackaged and re-shot. 

The grandeur of its sets, special effects, formidable storyline shall be merged with the funny, rip tickling track of “Betaal”. Sandip Anand, Billu of FIR, the versatile actor plays “Betaal” in it’s new avatar.

“Betaal aur Sinhasan Battisi” shall surely tickle your bones and the historical, mythological, fantasy story shall make you travel in a world of creative dimension and magnificent visual.

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