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Ashutosh cries : Real Regret or Political Drama?

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New Delhi : The spokesperson of Aam Aadmi Party (AAp) Ashutosh breaks into tears during a TV Show with Gajendra Singh’s daughter during a panel discussion on a news channel. 

Ashutosh, who hid his face with his palms and was avoiding looking at the camera, was clearly shocked when the farmer’s 17-year-old daughter Megha who also featured in the live programme asked, “Who wrote the fake suicide note? Who incited my father?”

Ashutosh on Friday asked for forgiveness from the daughter of the farmer who committed suicide at his party’s rally two days ago. Farmer Gajendra Singh’s father has blamed Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for the death of his son at the AAP rally on Wednesday. 

“The fact that he has apologised shows he knows he is guilty”, he was quoted as saying by a news channel. He added, “His apology won’t change anything. My son is dead”.

#AshuCries becomes the top trend on Twitter.People compares Ashu's tear with Crocodiles tears. Read Some tweets uploaded till now  :

★Trollलौलism!™ ‏@Damn_Its_Shikha
Trying to understand the behaviour of some people is like trying to smell the colour 9. #AshuCries #IsSorryEnough

●स्वयंसेवक● #RSS ‏@ichetangupta
Yesterday, @ashutosh83B was mocking farmers by saying @ArvindKejriwal will climb the tree next time & today he pretends to cry! #AshuCries

PIC Rascal ‏@PICRascal
Just when you realise you cant get it up! #AshuCries

Moody PRINCESS ‏@Jagat___Janani
Still AAP supporters wants to say something about RESPECTED #kejriwal........   #AshuCries

Truth Prevails ‏@Anurag4Bharat
@upma23 You must see these two photos of Kejriwal and when he laughed... #AshuCries

someone somewhere ‏@ls2008
#AshuCries After abusing delhi Police/Namo & playing politics for 2 days Kejri now says not Delhi police mistake/lets not do politics

Pankaj Gupta ‏@SanerVoice
#AshuCries I think the newer politician not used to the heat and dust and 24 hour grind gives in,and cries for a while.Remember Kiran Bedi.

Lalit sharma ‏@lalitrocks
Crocodile population on the rise! They were seen only on Animal Planet before , but for the first times now on TV shows too!  #AshuCries

Prashanth K E ‏@PrashanthKE 
Crocodiles to protest at jantar mantar tomorrow against #AshuCries for defaming them

Pradhyumn ‏@stellatebling
#AshuCries today and #DelhiCries 5 years later.

point of view ‏@VA_PointOfView 
#ashucries Shame. Stop shedding tears. think of Ur behavior post suicide. Press conf. Absolutely disgusting. @ArvindKejriwal Lust for power

They came in power to induce someone for a faansi not for this kind of dirty politics #ShameOnAshuFakeTears  #AshuCries

Kejriwal, U can make Nirbhaya's rape + death Sheila's responsibility Y can't you take Gajendra's death as ur responsibility ? #AshuCries

Sandeep Maurya ‏@mauryaIITB 
@ashutosh83B acts better than 'Rajesh Khanna'. Now u should try in bollywood.#AshuCries

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