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Another farmer of Bharatpur commits suicide after Gajendra Singh

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Bharatpur : After the suicide of Gajendra Singh by hanging himself from a tree in presence of Cheif Minister of  Delhi Arvind Kejriwal at the AAP’s rally against the land bill which was led by Kejriwal on Wednesday, another farmer from Bharatpur committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan. 

Is believed that he was shocked by crop failure According to information, The man who committed suicide, identified as Titu son of Jagat Singh Jat from Santruk village of Bharatpur district in Rajasthan and he has find out only seven sack of wheat after cleaned the wheat. So he was frustrated for this loss.

After this he went to sleep at his home on Wednesday night and next morning his family members didn't get any response from his room. After it they saw in the room from a window and found the body of Titu was hanging from ceiling fan.

His family members told the police that he had a poor harvest of wheat; out of 4 bigha he could fill only 7 sacks and he was disappointed.

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