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30 farmers died in 4 days over Unseasonable rain and hailstorms

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New Delhi : Farm distress appears to have peaked following the latest round of rain and hailstorms in north India late last week which inflicted further damage to crops already hit by unseasonal showers since mid-February, with reports of spate of deaths coming in from affected districts.

Reports from the ground suggest at least 30 farmers have allegedly died of trauma or suicide in the past four days alone in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh, although the state governments have not yet recognized most of these as deaths related to crop damage.

The UP government said on Monday damage to crops had now spread to 40 districts, up from the 33 districts declared rain-hit earlier. The government also reassessed the loss to life and property and said the monetary losses were now upwards of Rs 1,100 crore.

More than 5 lakh farming families, spanning more than 70% of UP’s rural population, have been affected by the unseasonal rains. Although unofficial reports put farmer deaths, all accidental deaths related to weather, according to UP chief secretary Alok Ranjan. 

A consolidated compensation of Rs 7 lakh each has been paid. None of the 24 deaths reported from the ground since Saturday in UP figure in the official list, although the government said it would be assess these deaths shortly.

As many as 17 of these deaths were reported from UP’s Bareilly division since Friday, with six reported on Saturday. Two of these were alleged suicides. The other four deaths were due to heart attack, allegedly brought about y damage to their crops.  

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