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3 Policemen accused of Model rape in Mumbai, has suspended

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Mumbai : Three policemen they were arrested in Mumbai for allegedly Raped and extortion a 28-year-old model inside a police station in Mumbai among 6 others, has suspended and two other police officers transferred by Mumbai police.

The cops, Sunil Katape, Suresh Suryavanshi and Yogesh Ponde, were attached to MIDC Police station in the suburbs. They are among the eight people arrested in the case, reported PTI. All the accused will remain in police custody till April 29.

Besides, Senior Inspector of Sakinaka Police Station Prasanna More and DCP of the zone Prashant Holkar have been transferred for "inept" handling of the case, a senior officer said.

The 29-year-old victim had approached the Sakinaka Police Station for registration of an offence after being allegedly raped.

"Yes, a few officers have been transferred. Senior Inspector of Sakinaka Prasanna More has been transferred to Special Branch while DCP Prashant Holkar (Zone 10) shifted to Local Arms Unit." Confirming the development, Joint Commissioner of Police Deven Bharti (law and order) told.

"Our department has transferred these officers who could not supervise their jurisdiction properly," he said.

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