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Transforming Rajasthan through 'DEVTA - GAON SE GAON' program

Devta Gaon se Gaon, Raji Vihaan Group,, Rajasthan
Jaipur : New Delhi-based RajiVihaan Group aims to create 24,000 plus jobs and bring affluence to villages in Rajasthan through its newly launched 'DEVTA - GAON SE GAON' program. DEVTA has been coined as an acronym for Digitally Empowering Villages Towards Affluence - Village to Village (GAON SE GAON).  

'DEVTA - GAON SE GAON' program is a set of services which intends to bring the benefits of fibre based broadband network NOFN being rolled out by Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) and the benefits of Digital India campaign to the remotest of Village Panchayat in Rajasthan and help them towards affluence," said Vijay Yadav, Chairman of RajiVihaan Group.

The program intends to provide employment opportunities and specific services to the villages which would connect them with markets beyond their geographies. One of the services is e-commerce which will allow buyers and sellers across India to trade products and services through its e-commerce portal

Sellers can register themselves on this portal and upload their products and services to get national reach and best prices, whereas buyers get the benefit of low prices. A team of professionals from DEVTA-GAON SE GAON Program is ready to help sellers and traditional brick and mortar companies in this endeavor.

According to the management of RajiVihaan, this initiative will enable the villagers of Rajasthan to sell their goods and services nationally at rates that market is ready to pay without losing out on margins to commission agents, and thus balance out the ever growing trade imbalance between villages and cities.

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