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The useful tips to protect your smartphone during celebrate the Holi

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Our India have many tradition and many festival in a whole year, that are celebrates with the glad and happiness for everyone and also by everyone, because our india is the country of many tradition.

However, we celebrates many festival in a year but the Holi and Deepawali are the biggest festival for every indian. We feels so happiness in these occasion.

Now, the festival of colors is around the center and we will celebrates it till 5 day from today. The 5th day is known as Rang Panchami. Everybody will colour to each others and many people will use the water colors and water also. So we should some thoughts about our dearest property, wich is called as Smartphone.

Well, Here are some useful tips for keep self the smartphone and make safe Holi also.

  • Use the pouch as zipper pack to put your phone.
  • Don't forget to Put screenguard and try to conceal.
  • The waterproof accessories will save to your phone from water.
  • Don't use the phones during the party with friends and any others people's group.
  • Don't keep the expensive phone during celebrate the festival. If the phone is necessary for you, Use the old handset.
  • Put the phone at safe palace If you coloring to somebody and if you use the water.

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