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Shashi Tharoor says, Death of Sunanda Pushkar was Suicide not a Murder

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New Delhi : Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said on Monday that Death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar was Suicide not Murder and there was no evidence so far that his wife Sunanda Pushkar was murdered.

"We have full hope in the legal and judicial process. Let justice come, “There is no evidence as such on the murder so far, that’s why entire family members, brother and son are with me,” he added,

The Congress MP also submitted in the Kerala High Court today that none of the assets belonging to his late wife devolved on him and he has no control over it.

Along with him, Sunanda's family is also of the belief that it was a suicide, Tharoor said. News items that are appearing in media regarding Sunanda's death are only coloured stories, he told media after appearing before the Kerala High Court on an election petition questioning his win from Thiruvananthapuram constituency in the recent Lok Sabha elections.

Further, Tharoor told media that he has nothing to hide in the matter and that Sunanda's relatives, including her brothers, supports him in the matter. The police team investigating the case is free to question anybody, including Mehr Tarar, he said.

At the court, Tharoor said those who couldn't win against him in the elections are trying to target him through other ways. He has trust in the judiciary and has nothing to fear, Tharoor said.

The petition seeking to declare BJP candidate O Rajagopal as a winner and to declare Tharoor's victory as invalid. It was filed by BJP's Thiruvananthapuram district secretary S Suresh. It was alleged in the petition that Tharoor failed to disclose his wife's assets during his candidature as required by law.

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