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Shah Rukh Khan to launch his son Aryan in Remake of 'Boyhood'

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Mumbai : The King Khan of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is in talks with the makers of Bollywood ramake of 'Boyhood', which is Richard Linklater's Oscar winning Hollywood film.
SRK is in talks with makers to acquire rights of the film's remake in India which will serve as the launch pad for his elder son Aryan Khan.

In fact, Aryan was the one who recommended the film to his superstar father. "Aryan watched it and was so impressed that he called up SRK from London and asked him to watch the film. The father-son duo often recommends good books and films to each other," said a source close to the family.

SRK was so moved by the film that he decided to produce it and asked his son whether he would be keen to play the role that has been played by actor Ellar Coltrane in the original.

While 'Boyhood' was shot over 12 years- Khan is reportedly keen on filming the teenage part of the boy's life. There will be some shots of his childhood, for which Khan is keen on having youngest son AbRam playing the junior version of his elder brother.

The film's director will be decided soon after the makers of 'Boyhood' give the final nod but Khan is in talks with Manish Sharma, his director of 'Fan' and Rahul Dholakia who he will work with in 'Raees' next. 

Director Linklater has already made a very hush-hush trip to Mumbai to speak to Khan. "SRK wants Linklater's inputs in the film and will work in close association with him," added the source. 

"In all probability Khan will play Ethan Hawke's character in the film." When we asked which actress is in the running for Patricia Arquette's role, the source said, "it has not been decided yet."

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