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Human Milk Bank 'Jeevan Dhara' Inaugurate tomorrow March 26

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Jaipur : To provide milk to those babies whose mothers are not healthy enough to feed their infants, a Human Milk Bank in Jaipur will be Inaugurate on Thursday March 26 by Rajasthan Government's minister of medical education and health Rajendra Rathore.

The Human Milk Bank called by name of 'Jeevan Dhara' and it will be set up at Mahila Chikitsalaya near Sanganeri Gate. The Human Milk Bank 'Jeevan Dhara' will be run by state government.

Earlier, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Oslo University and Government of Rajasthan.

A human milk bank is a service which collects, screens, processes, and dispenses by prescription human milk donated by nursing mothers who are not biologically related to the recipient infant

Mothers of premature infants, mothers who have given birth to stillborn infants can donate milk. They would be provided adequate counselling so that they come forward and donate milk.

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