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Choreographer-Director Amma Rajasekhar Caught Under Drink and Drive

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Hyderabad : Choreographer turned Director Amma Rajasekhar, who is the renowned personality of South cinema, has been caught by the Hyderabad Traffic Police for drunk driving on Friday night at Jubilee Hills.

We have heard of many instances of celebrities being caught under 'drink and drive' cases. In the past, they would pull a few strings and get away. The choreographer turned actor and director was travelling along with his wife when he was stopped by the traffic cops. 

However, what appeared like a random checkup turned shocking when the cops analyzed his breathing for the alcohol percentage.

The police were in for a huge shock when the breath analyzer registered a record 51 points, which would normally show anywhere between 30-35 points. The police quickly seized the inebriated choreographer's car and took him into their custody. He will now be produced in the court and will also undergo counseling.

While celebrities getting caught for drunk driving is nothing new, Amma Rajasekhar's incident brings up the responsibility of the film industry people towards the society. Several artistes and technicians from the film industry make news occasionally whenever they are caught by the police. 

Recently, popular writer BVS Ravi's license was cancelled by the cops as he was caught for drunk driving on numerous occasions. Let us hope that the film industry learns a lesson at least now and stands as a right example for the society.

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