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"Grey characters more attractive to me", says Radhika Apte

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New Delhi : Badlapur Actress Radhika Apte, who will be seen in film 'Hunterrr' soon which is an upcoming Indian adult comedy film written and directed by Harshavardhan Kulkarni, feels more comfortable in playing characters that are layered than one-dimensional parts, which are either too good or purely villainous.

The actress said she prefers real characters over larger- than-life roles. "I find playing morally-ambiguous characters easier than a woman who is always cute on screen.

Radhika Apte said, "I find that very difficult because you can't relate to anything and you just have to be a puppet. I find myself suddenly becoming more flexible and more fitting into the thing when I am doing a grey role rather than all goody-goody or very bad characters, which are just one dimensional."

The 29-year-old actress said she really liked her role of in "Badlapur". "It was interesting when I was narrated the script of 'Badlapur' because the character I play is an independent, educated woman but still wants to support her husband when she is not even sure whether he has done the murder or not.

"I found it to be a grey place, which can be explored. That really interested me," Radhika said. The "Shor in the City" actress said her flirtatious scene with actor Varun Dhawan in the film was a result of improvisation and she feels it made her character more exciting to watch.

"We added this one scene, where Varun and my character flirt in the car. That scene showed that this woman was mildly attracted to him and found him good looking. I felt this added one more layer to my role," she said. In a contrast to "Badlapur" is Radhika's next, coming-of-age comedy "Hunterrr", about a young guy's (Gulshan Devaiah) lustful journey.

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