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Woman of 90 year was burnt alive in Rajasthan

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Udaipur : An elderly woman of 90 year was burnt alive when her neighbour and his family members allegedly set her house on fire in the district, police said today.

90-year-old Jagudi was burnt alive yesterday when neighbour Maana Meena and his family members set her son Bhera Meena's house on fire.

"Maana Meena's son Shankar had died in a road accident some eight months ago. At the time of the accident, Shankar was with Bhera's son Ratna," Circle Officer Heramb Joshi said.

"Maana had held Ratna responsible for the accident and it was the reason behind the enmity," Joshi said.

The accused has been arrested and others who were involved in the incident were also being searched, he added.

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